Dr. Amy Yeung (Periodontist)

dentist on College street
Dr. Amy Young is a University of Toronto graduate. She received her Master's degree in periodontal studies and has conducted extensive research in metabolic disease. The excellence and thoroughness of her work, in addition to her quality research papers, have gained her many awards. Dr. Amy's services exceed traditional periodontal practices by offering comprehensive and innovative solutions for our patients’ oral health concerns.

“Usually, my patients have severe gum disease or they have missing teeth and have reached the point of needing surgery. I want to ensure that they are comfortable, understand my treatment and recommendations. I help keep them motivated to work together to achieve a state of good oral health”.  In order to achieve the most favourable outcome, Dr. Amy coordinates suitable treatment plans with her patients. 

Dr. Amy is fluent in English and Cantonese. In her free time, Dr. Amy loves to travel, try new recipes with her husband and watch her two daughters grow. 
Last Updated On 2020-07-07