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Dental implants can offer you replacement teeth that feel, work, and look like natural teeth. These root replacement devices can provide someone who may have lost their teeth the opportunity to get their smile and confidence back. It also provides the ability to eat food that was once difficult. Bay College Dental Centre in Toronto can perform dental implant placements for a wide array of restorative options.

Implants can provide several advantages:

•    Helps to maintain and preserve your jawbone shape and functionality
•    Enhances your chewing ability by restoring missing teeth
•    Improved speech, particularly when restoring front teeth
•    Enhances your appearance cosmetically

Implant restoration involves placing fake teeth on top of the surgically anchored implants. This can be a single tooth, bridge, denture, or full set of teeth on a patient who lost all teeth.  

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Last Updated On 2020-06-01