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In effort to help students achieve and maintain healthy and bright smiles, Bay College Dental Center is proud to be a part of the Student Discount Network Program. Many students are unaware that they receive dental coverage through their College or University. Whether you are a full time or part time student and did not opt out of your insurance coverage for the school year, then you automatically have dental coverage and can use it any time during your school year.

Located close to Universities and Colleges in downtown Toronto, we offer many discounts to students. Students do not pay anything for check-up and teeth cleaning.  The charges will be covered between the school dental plan and up to 30% student discounts we offer. 

Remember!  Between the discounts we provide for students and your insurance coverage, you will not have to pay out of pocket for your dental check-up exams and cleaning. Do not let your dental coverage go to waste!

To know more about the breakdown of your dental coverage and the discounts we offer, click on your corresponding school. 

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Last Updated On 2020-06-01